Kids Soothing Balm


Vasse Virgin Kids Soothing Balm is a natural skin balm that soothes dry, irritated skin, and aids in the calming of bites, stings or stressed skin. Suitable for use on both nappy rash and cradle cap. A great product to apply to towel-dried skin after a bath.

Made locally in Margaret River.

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Recommended for:

  • Sensitive skin types
  • Dry and damaged skin
  • As a nappy cream or balm
  • Babies and children with delicate skin
  • Can be used from 0+, but we always recommend performing a spot test first

Key Ingredients:

Calendula Extract: Great for dry or damaged skin, promotes fast healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, promotes healing of wounds, burns, and eczema.

Olive Leaf Extract: High in anti-oxidants and vitamins A, E and D, deeply penetrates skin for intense moisture.

Nettle Root Extract: High in vitamins and minerals, known to be anti-inflammatory and reduce symptoms of allergies.

Yarrow Oil: Known to be anti-inflammatory and an anti-septic, helps to smooth skin, calming and relaxing.

Olive Oil: high in anti-oxidants, offers intense hydration and quick absorption into the skin.

Not tested on animals. Sulphate and paraben free. No artificial colours or fragrances.

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